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Mountain Dew FAIL

May 2nd, 2013

Mountain Dew Under Fire for ‘Most Racist Commercial in History’


Picture a grim police line-up with five young African American men in stereotypical “thug” garb, and a goat. That’s just the opening shot. The one-minute ad shows a badly beaten blonde Caucasian woman approaching the line-up on crutches. A white male warden says, “We got ‘em all lined up, nail the little sucker.” The goat, in a raspy male voice bullies her with phrases, “keep your mouth shut, I’m going to do ya when I get out,” “ya better not snitch on a playa’,” and “snitches, get stitches, fool.” The woman becomes hysterical and runs from the room. As the ad ends, you can hear her screaming off-screen.

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Another Sarah Palin FAIL

April 29th, 2013


…and here’s Palin at the event in 2011.


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2nd Amendment Rights FAIL

April 19th, 2013

8th Grader Arrested, Suspended for NRA ‘Protect Your Right’ T-Shirt With Image of Gun


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Will Ferrell FAIL

April 15th, 2013


Will Ferrell teetered on the offensive as he brought three children and woman on stage, saying, “I wouldn’t be standing here before you without the love and support of my amazing family.” The laugh was supposed to come out of the fact that they were Asian — not Caucasian like Mr. Ferrell. And yes, the audience was – for better or for worse — into it.

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Kardashian vs. Kitty

January 22nd, 2013


After receiving an unwanted kitten from boyfriend Kanye West (who had of course gone to a breeder due to his overwhelming ignorance), Kim decides to get drunk then remembers she has a kitten! She wound up giving the poor thing away to her assistant, who later had to put it down due to a cancer-like virus often associated with breeding. Such a nice story.

If there is anything to learn here – ADOPT!

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Another Bank Fail

January 18th, 2013

A Saint John man was going through his mail when he found a letter from his bank, telling him he was dead.

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Good Deed Goes Bad

January 17th, 2013

An unidentified cadet at West Point, no doubt an animal lover, was just trying to do the right thing when his act of kindness went horribly wrong. Apparently, a mouse had taken up residency in his barrack. He finally trapped the little guy he called Whiskers and transported him via trash can to an open field. He then released the critter, telling it “good luck.” Unfortunately for the mouse, this happened:

YouTube Preview Image
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Dancing Too Hard?

January 16th, 2013


Julianne Hough tore up more than just the dance floor at a Golden Globes after-party on Sunday night. “Ummm I think I may have danced too hard…. Eeek!!!!”

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Dad Arrested After Making Terroristic Threats At Celina School

January 11th, 2013

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Getaway FAIL

January 10th, 2013


Police nabbed a South Carolina teenager when they followed a trail of Cheetos leading from a convenience store to a local residence where he was staying.

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